Los Angeles, CA (2010)

Variety Boys & Girls Club


NMTC Amount: 13,379,834

Total Project Cost: 13,778,553


7 FTE jobs

30 construction jobs

Financing for a Boys and Girls Club.

Project Description

Founded in 1949, Variety Boys & Girls Club serves children in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Club’s mission is to “provide young people positive alternatives that build self-reliant, tolerant citizens who strive to make a difference.” The Club’s educational, recreational and guidance programs for children ages 7-17 serve as significant alternatives to the gang activity and drugs rampant in the community. The Club’s enrichment programs encourage local youth to actively engage in learning and to ensure they have the tools that they need for success in post-secondary school and beyond. When Club members graduate high school, they are often the first in their extended family to do so. 43 of the 65 most recent high school senior Club members graduated high school and 71% of those went on to college or university.


2530 Cincinnati Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

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