Mound House, NV (2014)

Vineburg Machine


New equipment purchases helped a machine shop retain its 36 current employees and create 10 additional jobs.


  • NMTC Amount: $1,970,000
  • Total Project Cost: $2,750,000


  • 9 FTE jobs


Project Description

Vineburg Machining, Inc. is a veteran-owned, full service precision machine shop providing quality services for long-term customers ranging from local and federal governmental agencies; commercial OEMs; medical, architectural, beverage and automotive companies; and semi-conductor and drone component manufacturers. Working with all types of metals, the company produces high-quality parts from its CNC lathe and mills and provides high end CNC milling and turning.

In 2014, Vineburg Machining received $2.75 million in federal and Nevada New Markets funding, both of which stimulate economic growth in communities that historically have been underserved by traditional sources of capital. The funding now serves as growth capital to improve the company’s production capabilities. The New Markets funding enables the company to purchase new equipment and acquire and add improvements base and sales increase, the funding will ensure that Vineburg can meet demand for its products, allowing the company to handle a much heavier workload. The new equipment retained its 36 current employees and expects to create 10 additional jobs.


Address: 26 Stokes Drive, Mound House, NV 89706

Census Tract: 32019960301

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