The New Markets Tax Credit in Rural America

Revitalizing Rural America

The CDFI Fund targets 20 percent of NMTC allocation awards to non-metropolitan counties. Thus, the impact in rural America is significant. Between 2003 and 2014:

  • 817 businesses, community facilities, and other important revitalization projects financed.
  • $6.15 billion in NMTC allocation generated $11.6 billion in total project costs.
  • NMTC projects generated 49,940 full-time jobs and 21,706 construction jobs.

Below are a few stories of how small towns and farming communities put NMTC capital to work through manufacturing expansions, timber and forestry projects, hospitals, and community facilities.

Rural Manufacturing Stories

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The NMTC: A Big Deal for Rural America Our July 2017 report analyzed both CDFI Fund transaction data and NMTC Coalition survey data.

Rural Community Facilities

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Timber and Forestry Stories
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Map of Selected Rural Projects

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