Share NMTC Success Locally

Submitting an opinion piece to your local or state press is a great way to bring attention to the impact of the NMTC in your community. Highlight the projects and the effect the Credit has had on economic growth as well as creating and retaining jobs where they are needed the most.

Editors do not publish every letter or op-ed, but they do pay attention—especially if it is well-written and timely. A Letter to the Editor is typically very short, around 200 words, and in response to a to an article the media outlet recently published. An op-ed is a longer opinion piece that provides information on a subject that would be of interest to the outlets readers. Therefore it is important to demonstrate how the issue affects individuals locally.   To find out how to submit a Letter to the Editor either call or look on the outlet’s website.

  • Be timely. Local outlets may not be consistently  writing about tax reform, though it should start to ramp up as the presidential primaries progress, making it easier to find an article and relate it to concerns about the future of the NMTC. The budget, unemployment, and the health of the economy can also be used as a lead-in.
  • Follow the rules. Make sure to adhere to the outlet’s guidelines on length. Spell everything correctly and pay close attention to grammar—letters are not usually edited, rather the outlets select well-written letters that meet their guidelines. Include your name, full address, and phone number.
  • Be concise. Include your main points in the first paragraph even if your media outlet length guidelines are greater than 200 words. Two to three points are ideal.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms. Explain points in “plain English.” This makes the information more understandable and accessible to a wider audience.

Email your letter to insure timeliness. To do this, paste the text into the body of an email—DO NOT SEND AS AN ATTACHMENT. You may also fax it, but sending it electronically is generally the preferred way to receive letters.

Lastly, be sure to copy us or forward your submission and we will have our PR Firm follow up on placement. Remember, we are here and happy to help!