Rep. Wenstrup (R-OH) Visits Stirling Ultracold

“The pandemic has brought out some of the best in Americans, and we’re seeing that right here in Adams County. Not only has it required a whole-of-government approach, but it also requires cooperation from the private sector as well. Mirac’s Manchester plant is playing a crucial role in helping to manufacture freezers used to distribute the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. At the same time, Mirac has been able to create 15 new jobs in the community. I’m glad that I was able to see their facility in person, as I’ve been closely tracking the vaccine development and distribution from the beginning,” said Rep. Wenstrup.

Project Details:

Stirling Ultracold (2018)

Athens, OH
Investment in rural freezer manufacturer creates new jobs and supports covid-19 vaccine distribution.

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