Map of Selected Projects in Arizona

Community Testimonials

I am a practicing Economic Gardener, helping communities increase their vitality through economic development project that focus on entrepreneurship. I have worked for Indian Nations, the US Small Business Administration, the US State Department, Business Improvement Districts, and others to create positive economic impacts that matter.

The NMTC program is one that, in my experience, has helped revitalize disenfranchised or under-developed and under-utilized properties to create robust, vibrant, and economically viable projects in emerging communities, cities and districts.

I support this initiative.

-Tiffany McVeety, Girandola Foundation, Fountain Hills, Arizona

NMTCs allowed us to finance a new job training center for a Native American community which suffers from 40% unemployment

-Brian Riley, Foothills Bank, Phoenix, Arizona

Selected Projects in Arizona


Casa Grande, AZ | 6th District

In June 2013, Commonwealth Dairy completed a $12-million expansion of its $28.5-million plant to support a new product line….

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