The NMTC has enabled NeighborWorks Columbus (Georgia) to facilitate transformative change, both for entire neighborhoods as well as for individual families, within our home of Muscogee County. Apart from this incredibly productive infusion of NMTC resources provided to NeighborWorks Columbus, such course-altering transformation would have never been possible for targeted areas of our community which most needed it. Columbus (Georgia) and Muscogee County are tremendously appreciative of the community partnerships which have been made possible by the availability of New Market Tax Credits. We join our voice with those many others from across the country as we make known our support for making the NMTC permanent, so that other deserving communities can likewise experience similar successes. We sincerely thank you for your consideration.

Cathy Williams, NeighborWorks Columbus, Columbus, Georgia, on the NeighborWorks Columbus Project 2 project.