NMTC supports innovative manufacturing project in Tallahassee, FL

The New Markets Tax Credit continues to serve as an effective tool to create manufacturing jobs. Last year, thanks to $12.5 million in New Markets Tax Credit financing from the Florida Community Loan Fund, construction began on SolarSink, LLC’s innovative new manufacturing facility:

SolarSink, LLC will produce heatsink technology and create a solar array on a 5-acre site, utilizing innovative technology developed in conjuction with Florida State University. This technology allows solar energy to be efficiently converted to electricity, ad power produced will be used in the manufacturing facility, other local businesses, and sold to the municipality’s power grid. This project is in a highly distressed census tract with 49% poverty rate and will provide 137 temporary and 55 permanent jobs.

Read more about the project at the Florida Community Loan Fund’s website or in a recent issue of Florida Trend, a Florida focused business journal.

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