Recent NMTC projects in Akron, OH and Bellows Falls, VT

Chroma Technology, Bellows Falls, VT:
The growth of Chroma Technology, a leading manufacturer of optical filters and related products, has far exceed their existing production capacity. Financing from MHIC will increase the company’s manufacturing and research and development facility by over 150%. The prosperity of this company is extraordinarily vital to this very low-income community because it is employee-owned and, with profit sharing, most of the employees can earn approximately $100,000/year. This expansion project will result in 28 new hires within the next 5 years.

Akron Community Revitalization Fund: Akron, OH

The Akron Community Revitalization Loan Fund, which will be overseen by the Development Finance Authority of Summit County (DFA), is designed to provide small loans to help launch projects — everything from rehabbing buildings to opening new businesses — in distressed census tracts. The DFA created the fund with support from a NMTC allocation.  Learn more.

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