Two New Data Updates from the CDFI Fund

CDFI Fund Releases Applicant Demand from the 2019 NMTC Round

The Fund also announced it had received a total of 206 applications under the 2019 NMTC application round. The CDEs applying early this year were headquartered in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Applicants requested an aggregate total of $14.7 billion in NMTC allocation authority, over four times the $3.5 billion in authority available for the 2019 round.

CDFI Fund Releases NMTC Data Through FY 2017

The CDFI Fund has released another year of NMTC transaction data. The publicly available data now covers all transaction level activity through FY 2017.

The dataset includes information on the following data: Transaction ID, Project ID, 2010 Census Tract Metro/Non-Metro, 2000/2010, Origination Year, Community Development Entity (CDE) Name,  Project QLICI Amount, Estimated Total Project Cost, City, State, Zip Code, Purpose of Investment, QALICB Type, Multi-CDE, Multi-Tract QLICI. 

The latest year of data shows $3.7 billion in QLICIs made in 2017 generating $6.88 billion in total project financing. Total investment through 2017: $48.3 billion in QLICIs and $92.7 billion* in total project financing.

The Fund’s release also includes a summary report with breakdowns by industry classification code, year, and other factors.

*Note: This number represents NMTC investments reported through 2017. The Coalition’s dataset, which is used for many of the topline numbers in our fact sheets and reports, includes most NMTC data from 2018 and 2019, and the NMTC industry has eclipsed $100 billion in total project investment to date. We will be integrating this dataset into our own and updating our State Fact Sheets for our conference next month.

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