New Website Feature: Projects Nearby a Congressional District

NMTC projects often serve an entire region. For example, a hospital provides services to people throughout a city. The hospital hires workers from the surrounding community, which can include multiple Congressional districts.

With this in mind, it made sense to expand the list of projects on our Congressional District pages to also include projects nearby a congressional district (projects that share a zip code with a Congressional district but are not inside its boundaries).

Take a look at one example, Colin Alfred (D-TX-32)’s district. The Coalition hasn’t yet profiled a project inside Congressman Alfred’s district, but there are quite a few projects that are nearby the 32nd district and serve the district. For example, the Children’s Health Specialty Center, Dallas Campus.

The map above shows the Children’s Health Specialty Center, Dallas Campus. The project is located in the 30th district, but it clearly serves the surrounding districts (Marc Veasey (TX-33) and Colin Alfred (TX-32).
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