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The NMTC Coalition has collected testimonials from over 400 community leaders, businesses, nonprofits, CDEs, investors, and others community development practitioners. Click “Tweet This” to tweet the quote and automatically CC the Representative. You can filter them by state and district using the dropdown menu below.
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The NMTC program has been a major force in assisting poor Native American communities throughout the Nation with funding significant economic development projects that would not have been possible without this highly effective program.

-Joseph Falkson, Senior Managing Director, Native American Capital, LLC, Reston, Virginia

[The NMTC] provides opportunities to update schools on reservations

-Lori Finnesand, GROW SD, Sisseton, South Dakota

New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) enabled Sherwood Forest, a youth development organization serving young people from economically distressed families and communities in the St. Louis metropolitan region, to expand our resident camp facilities located in Reynolds County, Missouri. This facility expansion allows Sherwood Forest to serve more children during the summer and in the school year. Construction took place in an economically distressed rural area of the State of Missouri. Without NMTC, the scope of this project would have been greatly reduced. The positive impact to those we serve from St. Louis and to our community in rural Missouri will be felt for a long time to come. I strongly encourage the bi-partisan support for the renewal of the New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act (H.R. 1680 and S. 750) so that other communities will benefit in years to come.

-Mary Rogers, Executive Director, Sherwood Forest Camp, Inc., Saint Louis, Missouri

We are able to build projects that benefit distressed areas that could not be build otherwise. These projects bring jobs and services to the distressed area.

-Chuck Tollefsen, Tollefsen Development, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The New Market Tax Credit program brings good jobs, economic vitality and hope to undercapitalized rural regions of Maine, New England and the United States.

-Betsy Biemann, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Entperprises Inc., Brunswick, Maine

The New Market Tax Credits helped us enormously to meet the growth needs our hardworking, low-income population, with affordable and quality day care for children and adults.

-Jennifer Nuttall, Neighborhood House, Salt Lake City, Utah

There are many reasons why the NMTC program is compelling. While Opportunity Zones are exciting, they are not tied to real impacts. The current NMTC program has decades of data and experience that proves its economic success in communities and uplifting people out of poverty. This is a bi-partisan tool that can help any small rural community or impoverished area in the inner city, create high-quality jobs, and improve communities. Check out these videos to learn more!
[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCou3L5dVid-EAoQszAHR3Fg” /]

-Elizabeth Shephard, CEO, LifeCity, New Orleans, Louisiana

NMTCs are critical to providing the physical infrastructure that allows important programs like child care, domestic violence prevention, subsidized health and wellness, and access to the arts to exist in low-income communities.

-Roberta Brien, VP of Projects, Worcester Business Development Corporation

In rust belt cities like Pittsburgh, and especially in low-income communities served by the NMTC program, there is often a gap in financial feasibility – whether for commercial projects that create important jobs or non-profit projects that deliver vital services – that can only be filled by a subsidy like the NMTC.

-Joshua Lavrinc, CEO, Grow Community Development Capital LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

NMTC’s provide capital to assist in funding the development and expansion of businesses that then expand employment and the financial well being of communities.

-Dirk Meminger, Board Member, Bridge Investments, Rock Island, Illinois

The Freedom Center gave me a brand-new start. I found my spirituality. I praise God every day. I’m so thankful to my daughter for bringing me here. I’m finding happiness now. I love being called Grandpa, getting to see my grandkids. They come to the center for summer camp and to use the computer lab. Yeah, that is my happiness.

-Tim, Former Resident and Current Volunteer, Salvation Army Freedom Center

NMTCs means increasing access and opportunity for homeownership to low income families and communities and to people of color and communities of color. This enables us to begin to address the inequities and racial injustice in housing policy that has existed in our country for centuries. It enables us to provide people and communities of color with the opportunity for a better quality of life with better health and educational outcomes – with the possibility for a country where your zip code and the color of your skin do not determine how healthy you will be, your economic stability or your children’s futures.

-Donna Smith, Smith NMTC Associates, LLC, Saint Louis, Missouri

New hospitals and healthcare facilities can be built to offer state of the art healthcare in many small and rural communities. Many of the citizens in these communities lack the ability to access healthcare that is far from home. They rely on community doctors and hospitals to maintain a good quality of life.

-Barbara Carey, The Communication Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Utilizing the incentives of the NMTC program has helped our organization develop long-term care facilities in more rural and low-income areas, that otherwise may not have been financially feasible.

-Heather Westenhaver, Americare Senior Living, Columbia, Missouri

NMTC are an investment tool to help incentivize development of economically disadvantaged areas.

-Nathan Murray, Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Twin Falls, Idaho

The NMTC program saves us valuable dollars so that we can put more money in the classroom for our predominantly minority, high poverty students. The program is vital and I respectfully request that you extend this wonderful program.

-Randy Shaffer, CEO/Superintendent, Trinity Basin Preparatory, Grand Prairie, Texas

Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration of this important issue. Bi-State Primary Care Association is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that represents New Hampshire and Vermont’s 28 Community Health Centers, serving over 315,400 patients at 143 locations across every county in both states. Bi-State works to promote access to quality, affordable, primary health care with an emphasis on reaching under-served populations. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serve our most vulnerable citizens, providing high quality, affordable, primary health care to under-served rural and urban communities, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay for that care. FQHCs serve 29 million Americans: nearly 14 million people in poverty, 8.7 million children, 1.4 million homeless patients, over 385,000 veterans, and 95,000 patients receiving MAT for opioid use disorder.

The NMTC adds to these organizations’ ability to continue to provide and maintain the care that so many depend upon, by utilizing low-cost capital to improve and expand existing facilities, as well as adding new sites where they are needed most. According to data from the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), in 2017 FQHCs created 405,000 jobs across the nation, $26.3 billion in direct impacts from the delivery of care through a variety of revenue resources, and $28.3 billion in indirect impacts generated from their economic activities.

FQHCs are a wise investment not only for the health and safety of vulnerable communities, but for their economic growth as well. As you know, capital funding is an important part of that economic growth. Extending and expanding the NMTC will assist in ensuring the continuation of high quality, affordable, primary health care across our great nation to those who need it most.

-Tess Kuenning, President and CEO, Bi-State Primary Care Association, Bow, NH

Being able to leverage our resources to build community facilities like a medical clinic, we so badly need. Being able to afford NMTC financing vs. very expensive conventional financing is what the Pueblo needs. We support NMTC financing.

-Roberto Franco, Director of Economic Development, Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, El Paso, Texas

The NMTC allowed us to build a new emergency shelter and soup kitchen for the most vulnerable in our community. Our old facility was a dilapidated mess. Our new building allows us to provide food, shelter, help and hope to all who ask in a dignified facility.

-Amy Allison Thompson, Executive Director, Poverello Center, Inc., Missoula, Montana

As a Community Development Finance Institution, we use federal funding through the CDFI Fund’s competitive award programs to leverage private capital and finance high-impact projects in communities where need is greatest but mainstream capital is scarce.
To date, NJCC has been awarded $14.8 million in CDFI grants, $50M in CDFI Bond Guarantees and $250 million in CDFI New Market Tax Credits.
Together with other capital, this funding leveraged $1.78 billion to create 10,330 quality housing units, 19,760 education seats, 6,340 child care seats, 5.6M commercial and community square feet and 12,390 jobs in some of the state’s most distressed communities.

CDFI programs like NMTC have significantly helped to build our capacity to provide loans and investments that meet financing gaps for projects centered on furthering equity and opportunity.

We respectfully urge Congress to provide a permanent extension and expansion of the NMTC along the lines of the bipartisan New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act (H.R. 1680 and S. 750).

-Wayne Meyer, President, Community Loan Fund Of New Jersey, Inc, New Brunswick

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