NMTC Advocacy Week Day 3: Mixed-Use

After several decades of commercial strip malls and suburban single family home construction, the trend over the past several decades is toward the construction or renovation of mixed-use, multi-purpose facilities. Mixed-use projects have the following advantages:

  • help foster walkable communities;
  • allow for the co-location of housing, goods, and services;
  • repurpose vacant and abandoned buildings or parcels of land; and
  • generate local tax revenue.

The NMTC is commonly used for mixed-use and multi-purpose projects in distressed communities. In the Coalition’s 2021 Progress Report (Covering projects financed in 2020), 42% of projects included more than one component. Learn more:

Components of multi-purpose NMTC Projects, 2020


Mixed-use Stories


San Francisco, CA

This multi-tenant nonprofit complex, formerly a warehouse, located in San Francisco’s Mission District is a one-stop center of financial,…

New York, NY

Essex Crossing includes 1,000 residential for-sale and rental units, a 15,000 sq. ft. public park, a 10,000 sq. ft….

Philadelphia, PA

Redevelopment, expansion, and new construction of an owner-occupied nonprofit office and healthcare space with a community room that is…

Staten Island, NY

Mixed-use development brought fresh food, accessible healthcare and job opportunities to a highly distressed community in the South Bronx….