Des Moines Heritage (2019), Des Moines, IA

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The Project consists of the creation of the Des Moines Heritage Center which was comprised of the restoration of the historic 1909 East Des Moines Union Depot and the construction of a new 6,500 square foot event center located in Des Moines, Iowa. The building is owned by Des Moines Heritage Trust, an Iowa nonprofit corporation. The Des Moines Heritage Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings in the Des Moines metropolitan area. This project will preserve the 1909 East Des Moines Union Depot built by F.M. Hubbell in 1909. The landmark building in the Historic East Village served as the union depot of four railroads coming into Des Moines on the east side of the river. This preservation eliminates a blighted warehouse building attached to the depot and restores an overgrown property. The updated space provides a home for nonprofits to utilize shared office and board room space, as well as feature an event center for educational and cultural activities to ensure economic sustainability.

Project Map