Orthman Manufacturing, Inc (2014)

Lexington, NE

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Orthman is a short line manufacturer of farm equipment and implements, including the 1tRIPr strip-tillage machine and Tracker implement steering system, as well as a maker of conveyor and materials bulk-handling systems, and SoilMover industrial earth-moving equipment. NMTCs helped fund the construction of their 115,000 SF farm equipment manufacturing facility, creating/retaining jobs in the economically depressed area of Lexington, NE. This manufacturer became the anchor tenant of the Lexington Industrial Park, attracting businesses that specialize in farm machinery and farm equipment which boosted the economy. They are well known for their long-standing tradition of valuing employees, who are given opportunities for professional development, career advancement and tuition reimbursement benefiting the low-income, and has also become well-known for giving generously to their local community.

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