Last Updated February 20, 2018

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The state of America’s crumbling infrastructure is well-documented. The problem is much worse in distressed communities that lack the tax base to improve roads, expand high-speed broadband, or provide students with a quality education. Without those building blocks of economic growth, the prospects of attracting new businesses are dim.

While the NMTC was not designed to fix infrastructure, its flexibility provides mayors with a variety of options to finance projects that rebuild or improve public infrastructure. Of the more than 5,000 NMTC projects to date, the NMTC Coalition has identified more than 500 projects (10 percent) that involve the direct financing of infrastructure, including:

  • 397 new or rehabilitated schools
  • 92 transportation, freight, parking, or public transit projects
  • 31 public waste management or recycling facilities
  • 8 projects rebuilding or enhancing port facilities
  • 6 waterwater treatment projects
  • 5 rural broadband expansions

Indirect infrastructure financing

Because many NMTC projects are enormous, multi-faceted redevelopment efforts, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact dollar figure that supports infrastructure. About half of NMTC projects include Community Benefits Agreements, and these agreements often require NMTC-financed businesses to support street-scape improvements, road and utility investments, and other secondary infrastructure spending.

Other than direct financing, another way the NMTC indirectly supports infrastructure is by building and stabilizing the tax base for cash-strapped municipalities. As the NMTC Coalition has documented, the program generates hundreds of millions in state and local tax revenue each year. Cities, counties, and towns can put this new revenue back into schools, roads, and other improvements.


Below find a collection of infrastructure stories. We plan to update this page regularly, so please send your stories to [email protected]

New or Rehabilitated Schools

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Port and Freight Projects

Light Rail

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Wastewater Treatment

Laguna Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Project

The Pueblo of Laguna Utility Authority recognized a great need to rehabilitate their water and wastewater infrastructure systems, which are very old and dilapidated and require extremely costly maintenance and repairs. Learn more…

Lake Point Reclamation

Years of rampant agricultural and commercial development in South Florida has had a significant pollution impact on the area’s water resources. While there have been a number of initiatives to “save” the Florida Everglades, a majority of restoration efforts failed due to lack of funds. Learn more….

Aleutians, AK (2020)

GCI Communication Corp (GCI), an Alaska telecommunications company, will extend its broadband network to the Aleutian Island Chain to provide service to rural Alaska…

Antioch, CA (2011)


West, AS (2018)

The first ever New Markets Tax Credit Program funded project in American Samoa closed on November 30, 2018. The Project will substantially reduce the…

Chicago, IL (2020)

This innovative project will redevelop a vacant 9-acre brownfield site into a sustainability campus which includes a biodigester, greenhouse space, community garden with a…

Seattle, WA (2020)

New construction of 29,000 square foot, 2 floor pediatric health clinic which will serve predominately black children. The clinic will include: 16 exam rooms;…

Charleston, WV (2020)

Financing certain costs incurred or to be incurred in connection with the renovation and development of public library. Adding 20,000 square feet to library…

Casa Blanca, NM (2020)

This is the last phase of a $70 million phased in project to redo the entire water and waste water system on the reservation….

Mesquite, TX (2020)

The project involves the development and equiping of a state-of-the-art appliance collection, de-manufacturing and recycling facility located in Dallas, TX. Since 2014, Recleim has…

Saint Paul, MN (2020)

The NMTC loan proceeds will be utilized to finance a portion of the total project cost associated with installing 1 megawatt of solar panels…

Hugoton, KS (2020)

In December 2020, NIF allocated $15 million to support Seaboard Energy’s retrofit of an idle ethanol processing facility in Hugoton, Kansas. Seaboard Energy is…

Cleveland, OH (2011)

Construction of a greenhouse and distribution facility for a co-op…

Keokuk, IA (2010)

NMTCs were used to finance equipment, buildings, utilities, load-out, road development and engineering costs of an industrial plant….

Richland Center, WI (2012)

NMTCs enabled RCRE to construct a new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility in Richland Center, providing a solution for the significant problems of the city’s…

Allendale, SC (2012)

NMTCs were leveraged to build two identical 21 MW biomass generation facilities which will convert wood pulp and debris into electricity for use throughout…

Cambridge, MA (2013)

As New England’s largest hunger relief organization, The Food Bank helps people in the area to be productive members of their communities by ensuring…

San Jose, CA (2011)

SJEIC provides laboratory, office, proto-type manufacturing and demonstration space for emerging clean technology companies….

Window Rock, AZ (2013)

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) provides electricity, natural gas, water, wastewater treatment, renewable energy and telecommunications services to homes and businesses throughout the Navajo…

Nespelem, WA (2014)

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation create economic opportunity by investing in tribal members. Historically, the tribes had provided services to members at…

Yonkers, NY (2008)

The Yonkers Pier is the only turn-of-the 20th century pier still in use on the Hudson River….

Winchester, VA (2008)

Description Our Health Community Services Complex Phase II involved the rehabilitation of an historic facility that expanded the provision of public and private health…