West, AS (2018)

American Samoa Power Authority


NMTC Amount: 9,650,000

Total Project Cost: 9,650,000


20 FTE jobs

50 construction jobs

Water project will benefit 3,000 people and 500+ homes.


NMTC financing supported the American Samoa Power Authority project.

Project Description

The first ever New Markets Tax Credit Program funded project in American Samoa closed on November 30, 2018. The Project will substantially reduce the non-revenue water loss of 60% fresh drinking water. The project will improve water quality from the upper Pava’ia’i to Aoloau areas with over 550 homes and a population of 3,000+ by replacing approximately 1.5 miles of AC pipe and 1 mile of HDPE pipes with new PVCO pipes in the Pava’ai’i DMA System.


1st Road Airport Box PPB Tafuna, West, AS 96799

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