Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center

Bristol, CT (2013)


Project Description

The Bristol Boys and Girls Club Association and Family Center, Inc. (BBGC and FC), which operate as one entity, represent the largest youth service agency in Bristol and one of the largest city-based youth service agencies in Connecticut. Founded in 1907, it has been at the forefront of youth development in Bristol, but recently its growth has been constrained by small quarters and a building that is about 90 years old.

With MHIC’s New Markets Tax Credit financing, a new, state-of-the-art, 38,000 square-foot neighborhood services center is being built so that BBGC and FC can expand its award-winning programs. In the new club and field house the BBGC and FC will consolidate operations, expand space and programming, and add features such as an Education and Technology Center, Science, Arts and Crafts Center, Vocational Kitchen, and community classrooms. This new development does not only provide much-needed services to help transform the lives of children, it is now a catalyst for reinvestment in the West End neighborhood.

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