Casper Fire Station (2004)

Casper, WY


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NMTC Amount: $1,461,532

Est. Total Project Cost: $1,800,000


Historically, downtown Casper was a thriving commercial center in Wyoming’s largest city (pop. 49,000), which was the commercial center of the state. Following the oil industry downturn in the 1980’s, Casper lost many downtown businesses. Nothing symbolized this more than the long-shuttered Casper Fire Station, a historic structure dating from the early 20th Century that was vacant for 30 years. Renovation and re-use of this 15,000 sq. ft. building for commercial offices has renewed local pride in the city’s center and it was a platform for continuing historic and commercial revitalization. In addition to NDC’s investment, the firehouse also received a HUD Section 108 loan through the City of Casper.

Project Map