Louisville, KY (2016)

Chef Space

Kitchen incubator and construction of single family for-sale housing.


  • NMTC Amount: $8,082,429
  • Total Project Cost: $8,466,886


  • 100 FTE jobs
  • 125 construction jobs


Project Description

Excerpt from the St. Louis Fed:

It’s not often that one would find a pastry chef, barbecue grill master and dietary expert working out of the same kitchen. However, in Chef Space, a kitchen incubator in Louisville, Ky., this is often a daily occurrence.

Chef Space is a fully licensed commercial kitchen that is now home to local businesses including Caldwell’s Quirky Cookery, a jam and preserves company that makes unique flavors like mint julep; and Em’s Delights, a pastry company owned by an industrious 17-year-old!

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Address: 1812 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40203

Census Tract: 21111002400

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