Crossroads Uptown (2015)

Cincinnati, OH


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NMTC Amount: $8,657,061

Est. Total Project Cost: $11,766,798


Located near the University of Cincinnati campus, Crossroads Uptown serves the college community and Uptown neighborhoods north of downtown Cincinnati. Built in 1873, the building was once home to St. George Catholic Church. The church closed, and in 2008 the beloved steeples burned in an electrical fire. With a mission to breathe new life into the neighborhood, Crossroads purchased the building, and agreed to restore the steeples. The result is a state-of-the-art building that combines the industrial feel of Crossroads with the historic character of the original Catholic church. Crossroads, the fastest growing church in the nation, purchased Uptown’s historic Old St. George Catholic Church from the Clifton Heights Community Urban Development Corporation (CHUCURC) in 2015. The site underwent $11 million in renovations, partially funded by UCI, and began hosting services at the Uptown location in August 2016.

Project Map