Frontier Fuel (2010)

Dalhart, TX


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NMTC Amount: $4,095,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $4,500,000


Located in Dalhart, population 7,237, this retail store is perfectly situated to capitalize on both local and travelling traffic. Dalhart is known by many Texans as the gateway to the Colorado Rockies. The city’s position in the northwestern corner of the Texas Panhandle makes it a pivotal stopover for travelers going to or returning from the mountains. The economic benefits of this rural store include the employment of 40 short term construction jobs. Once the project was completed, thirty full time employment positions were created and filled. The operator of this project is a long standing member of the community and the business has become a focal point in this small, rural town. As an example of its community impact, recently, in order to honor the memory of local Iraqi War Veteran, the store promoted a Bike Rally. This rally generated hundreds of visitors and provided seven scholarships for local residents seeking higher education and technical apprenticeship.

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