KSU Incubator (2017)

Manhatten, KS

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NMTC Amount: $14,650,000

Total Project Cost: $18,069,258

The Project involves the construction of a 59,000 square foot office building by the Kansas State University Foundation used for corporate incubator and research space in Manhattan, KS. The space includes shared conference rooms, collaborative technology, and event space for tenants along with a portion designated for restaurants. The Project is part of the North Campus Corridor Plan of the University which was developed with the City in order to bring new businesses and spur economic development. The four phases developed a vacant 14 acres. This project is phase two, the office park, which brought business ventures to the area and diversified the economic base of the community. Located near an existing cutting-edge research facility, the tenants have the chance to build professional relationships and further build student talent and technical innovation. The NMTC allocation provided the gap financing needed for the project to move forward.

Project Map