Bellaire, OH (2022)

Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants



  • NMTC Amount: $640,000
  • Total Project Cost: $640,000


  • 9 FTE jobs
  • The project also retains a total of 12 existing jobs. NBMC expects to produce 3,650 patient treatment days annual as a result of this project.
  • 61,937 sq. ft. of real estate



Project Description

Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants (NBMC) purchased a community hospital, and over the past two years, the hospital has unfortunately closed its doors and lost all of its tenants except for NBMC. This was a devastating event to the community at the medical service delivery level, as well as the area residents’ job market. NBMC sees opportunity in this campus as a potential hub for a local organization with a passion for success in service to bring in comprehensive and vital services, while creating new jobs and opportunities for the local community. With this purchase, NBMC is also planning the addition of a 24-hour walk-in, crisis intervention and stabilization unit. The project area ranks among the last in health care indices in the United States. Patients struggling with behavioral health and substance use disorders are amongst the most afflicted by chronic physical conditions. NBMC will embark on the journey of providing medical services to the medically underserved community of mental health and substance abuse patients through creating an integrated health care system where clients’ participation in their health care and wellness decisions is at the core. The area also suffers from the lack of highly specialized child and adolescent and developmental disorders treatment programs and NBMC skilled and highly trained providers are equipped to staff such a program. An autism spectrum disorders center of excellence is at the core of our vision and remains a goal they will strive achieve.


Address: 4697 Harrison Street, Bellaire, OH 43906

Census Tract:

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