Platte Valley Distillers (2016), Lexington, NE


Platte Valley Distillers (PVD) has a license to utilize a patented process for the production of feed cubes and pellets from distillers grain that stays compact with no binders/fillers, transports well, and has a shelf life of up to three years. This product not only removes distillers grain from the waste stream, but provides farmers and ranchers with a high-quality feed. In addition to manufacturing feed cubes and pellets directly, PVD will heavily focus on expanding the adoption of the technology at other licensed facilities though the manufacture and refurbishment of production equipment. Thanks to the flexible and affordable private capital provided through the New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) Program through CEI Capital Management LLC (CCML), PVD will be able to begin operations in Lexington, Nebraska, adding 12-14 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs with strong benefits. PVD plans to work with a local workforce development organization to recruit employees. PVD will also support the next generation of ag-tech workers through the creation of a $50,000 scholarship fund, which will be available to students who commit to work as an employee for one year after the completion of their degree.

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