Denver, CO (2017)

Spot Bicycles


  • NMTC Amount: $600,000
  • Total Project Cost: $600,000


  • 6 FTE jobs


Project Description

Family owned/operated bicycle manufacturer: heborrowerutilizedthe SBCF’s loanproceedsfor workingcapitalto enablethebusinesstopurchasenew inventory insupport of the launch of their newest bike model, hire an additional engineer, and purchase new machinery to support R&Dto assist in the creation of two new bike prototypes. Spot also used loan proceeds to pay off maturing senior debt. The loanwill provide the borrower with sufficient capital for the business to continue its growth path, paving the way for sustainable cash flow to ultimately enable low‐cost bank financing. The terms of the Greenline loan allowed the sponsors to eliminate apledge/security interest in their personal residences as well as personal guarantees from one of the founders of the company.


171 South Van Gordon Street #171, Denver, CO 80228

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