Project Type: Supportive Housing


Escondido, CA 

YMCA Supportive Housing

The New Markets Tax Credits investment finances the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 25-unit apartment complex in Escondido. The property will expand the YMCAs…
Construction of a new 35,700 SF medical respite/recuperative care center that will use cutting-edge approaches to serve the chronically homeless. It will have 50-beds…

Seattle, WA 

Construction of a new 31,736 SF fully integrated primary and behavioral health center in partnership with Harborview Medical Center, a public safety net hospital….
Rehabilitation of a building for the development of a mixed-use project to include medical respite, transitional housing, healthcare, and social services for the homeless….

Chicago, IL 

New construction of a mixed-use supportive housing and community wellness center….

North Hollywood, CA 

Supportive services facility for the homeless families in the San Fernando Valley….