UCSD Workforce Development Accelerator (2020)

San Diego, CA


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NMTC Amount: $36,000,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $36,000,000


The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has extended its reach into downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. As part of the University’s Extension School, UCSD used a new, strategically-located 66,000 sq. ft. facility to create a Workforce Development Accelerator and Community Arts & Innovation Center at a site that is accessible to low-income community members via multiple public transit lines.

This project allows new populations and constituencies from San Diego’s Promise Zone and beyond to be brought into UCSD’s regional economic, academic and cultural spheres of influence. This includes a wide “lifespan” of individuals, from kindergarten through 50+ populations. The project will serve thousands of students and local community members annually with programs that allow unemployed and underemployed persons to achieve academic certificates and well-paying jobs on an accelerated basis.

Project Map