Vogel Alcove (2014)

Dallas, TX


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NMTC Amount: $5,880,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $5,880,000


Vogel Alcove provides a broad array of therapeutic services for children who are experiencing homelessness in the Dallas area. Vogel Alcove’s previous facility at 1100 South Akard served 115 homeless children daily with a waitlist of over 40 children, The NMTC financing supported a new facility, allowing the organization to increase its capacity to meet the needs of homeless families. The project consisted a build out of approximately 55,000 sq. ft. of space leased from the Dallas Independent School District in the site of the former City Park Elementary School, as well as a portion of Sponsor’s operating expenditures made within the first 12 months after NMTC closing. The build out included 3 infant classrooms, 5 toddler classrooms, and 4 preschool classroom, as well as a significant expansion to the space dedicated to family support. By financing operating expenditures, Dallas Development Fund allowed Vogel to more quickly and increase the expansion of its operations

Project Map