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Disaster Relief

Recent events in Texas, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Florida are a reminder that hurricanes hit our most vulnerable communities and populations the hardest. Learn more about how community development organizations use the New Markets Tax Credit to rebuild hospitals, businesses, and single-family homes in communities where poverty and economic dislocation predated the storms.

New Markets Tax Credit - Disaster Relief Stories

About the NMTC

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) is a shallow, low-cost tax incentive which delivers billions of dollars annually to low-income communities with high unemployment and poverty. The spurs private sector investment in projects like the investment in low income communities,


The Latest Research

Video Vault

Browse our video vault, featuring case studies, Congressional testimony, hearings, and events.

Communities, Businesses, Nonprofits and Others Interested in the NMTC

Do you have a great project in a low income community that is in need of NMTC allocation? We recommend first watching our "How It Works" video (to the right). 

The next step is to check the CDFI Fund's mapping site to see if your project is in an eligible census tract.

Finally, check to see which Community Development Entities serving your area have remaining NMTC allocation.

Project Map

Browse our NMTC project map to learn more about how the NMTC is creating jobs and driving investment to all 50 states.

How It Works

Our new video describes how the NMTC delivers capital to businesses and important projects in low income communities:

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