Small Business Week

When you think of an NMTC project, you might think of a $15 million health clinic, a mixed-use historic renovation project, or a large manufacturing facility. But the NMTC supports quite a few small businesses and entrepreneurs, both directly (through direct financing) and indirectly (through real estate financing of incubators and creative shared space). Below are a few of those stories:


Small Business Loan Funds

Loans under $4 million, often through a revolving fund

Portland Small Business Loan Fund

Portland Development Commission, U.S. Bancorp CDC, and United Fund Advisers.

MEDC Revolving Loan Fund

Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation and PNC Bank

Rural AL and FL Panhandle Revolving Loan Pool

The Valued Advisor Fund and PNC Bank

The Irvin Henderson Main Street Revitalization Fund

The National Trust Community Investment Corporation

Small Business Stories

Hot Mama’s

Springfield, Massachusetts has seen more than its share of hard times. The condition of the City’s finances required intervention by the state. Unemployment is high

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Green Zebra

Green Zebra, a startup grocer aspiring to offer low-income areas a mini-grocery store that focuses on fresh, high-quality food, was in need of long-term, patient

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V&S Plumbing

Small business financing for a family-owned general contractor to purchase a building for its office and warehouse space.

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Supporting the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Incubators and Creative Office Space

Aerofarms/Makers Village

AeroFarms, a mission-driven company, developed a 69,000 square-foot industrial site into the world’s largest indoor vertical farm for baby leafy greens, producing up to 2

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Duncan Biotech Center

Duncan Biotech Center (the “Project”) is the substantial rehabilitation of The Post-Dispatch Rotogravure Building (also known as the Crescent Parts Building) (the “Building”) which is

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7800 Susquehanna Street

The renovation of an existing five-story 135,800 sq. ft. industrial building located in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh for the purpose accommodating creative start-up and

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Highland Accelerator

A nonprofit organization with the mission of revitalizing the Highlander neighborhood of North Omaha-the blighted and highly disinvested former site of a failed 23-acre public housing complex demolished in 2009.

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Fintech Building

An NMTC investment from Cinnaire supported the development of a new, 100,000-square-foot building dedicated to financial technologies at the University of Delaware’s Science.

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