Wilmington College Sports Science Center (2014)

Wilmington, OH

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A new, 48,100 sq. ft. complex on the Wilmington College campus is bringing jobs, an athletic training program and medical services to a non-metro Clinton County community. Finance Fund provided $10 million in New Markets Tax Credit financing to Wilmington College for the construction and development of an orthopaedic and sports medicine facility known as Wilmington College Sports Science Center. Medical partners include: Clinton Memorial Hospital, Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and Drayer Physical Therapy.

The facility’s construction enables Wilmington College to grow and expand their athletic training program. It opens the door for a physical therapy facility on campus that ultimately will support a doctorate of physical therapy degree program. In addition, this facility will host community health conferences, workshops and seminars on athletic training and physical therapy for area athletes and the community at large, including local and adjacent high schools.

The Wilmington area is in need of revitalization, with 22 percent of residents living in poverty and an unemployment rate that is double the national rate. This type of all-inclusive medical and educational facility is unique to Clinton County and meets numerous community needs.

Patients can receive clinical care, imaging services, physical therapy and sports training all within a single complex offering a nationally prominent orthopaedic practice, outpatient physical therapy clinics and regional health care. There are 12 patient examination rooms, an X-ray room equipped with the latest digital technology, exam/cast room, open rehabilitation area, student health clinic and a doctor’s office. Middle school and high school athletes can receive low cost and free physicals. The facility also house the College’s athletic training programs.

In addition to approximately 40 construction jobs, the facility creates 37 permanent full-time positions for professions such as physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, medical assistants, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapy assistants, certified athletic trainers, college faculty members, MRI, CT and X-ray technologists, facility manager and office personnel.

Voices from the Community

[The NMTC] provides a funding mechanism to invest in our local community to improve and serve in ways we would not otherwise be able to.

Bradley Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer, Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH

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