UGA Polymer Research, Development and Teaching Facility

Plastic resin manufacturer in Athens, Georgia. It produices Advanced Polymers, Fibers & Coatings with a single goal: to develop materials and plastic replacements that completely break down and return to nature when discarded, either in soil, water, or marine environments. Advanced Polymers, Fibers and Coatings is led by Jason Locklin, director of the New Materials […]

Prince Avanue Market

Prince Avenue Market is the new construction of a four-story, mixed-use building with 20,500 sq. ft. of retail and commercial space and 34 homes in Athens, Georgia.

100 Prince Avenue

The redevelopment of the former St. Joseph’s Catholic Church into a mixed‐use site.

RWDC Industries

Startup manufacturers new biodegradable plastics and rejuvenates the local economy.