NMTC Advocacy Week

NMTC Coalition Advocacy Week: May 16-20, 2022

Schedule Meetings and Promote the NMTC on Social Media

The week of May 16th, we are encouraging NMTC Coalition members to schedule virtual meetings (Zoom or another platform) meetings with members of Congress and their staff. We are also encouraging you to use the week to boost the NMTC on social media. Below, we’ve posted talking points and contact information below, as well as all of the relevant materials. 

Who to Target?

1) Current supporters of the NMTC Extension Act (cosponsors of H.R. 1321 and cosponsors of S. 456. Meet with members of Congress who are already on board as a cosponsor of the NMTC Extension Act. Ask them to weigh in with leadership on the low cost of making the NMTC permanent. 

2) Members of Congress who have not yet supported the NMTC Extension Act. You can ask members of Congress who are not yet cosponsors of the NMTC Extension Act to sign on as cosponsors. Brief them on your work in their states and districts, and make the ask!

We also encourage you to use these meetings as an opportunity to make members of Congress aware of the potentially damaging effects of the Pilar II treaty on community development tax incentives.

We have talking points available below for all of these asks. You can also find lists of cosponsors of the NMTC Extension Act, contact information for tax staffers, images for use on social media, and more. Once you’ve scheduled your meetings, we are asking that you input them into the form (linked below). 

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Pre-Advocacy Week Legislative Briefing

Join us Wednesday, May 11, at 3:00PM Eastern for a legislative update presentation briefing you on the Advocacy Week asks.

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The Ask


Talking Points for the Ask

Details on our legislative asks, including talking points. Adapt as you see fit.

NMTC Extension Act

Fact sheet for H.R. 1321 and S. 456​

Fact Sheets and Stories by State

New Markets Tax Credit facts, figures, and stories from all 50 states

Stories by Congressional District

NMTC stories for every member of Congress

Research & Publications

Use our research and publications to make the case for the NMTC.

Social Media Toolkit

Sample Tweets

We used the NMTC to create [INSERT] jobs in a distressed area of [CITY]. Learn more: [link] #NMTC #NMTCAtWork

Click the bird to generate a sample tweet

The #NMTC helps reinvigorate the manufacturing economy in rural communities. We used the #NMTC to help [X] expand, creating [X] jobs.

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Thank you to [Twitter Handle of Representative or Senator] for cosponsoring the #NMTC Extension Act and supporting new jobs and investment in the [name of state or district]. You can learn more about the impact here: [link to our state or Congressional impact pages]

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Sample Images for Social Media

If you haven’t already tried it, we recommend creating an account on Canva.com. It’s a great resource for quickly generating attractive images for social media posts. Below are a few examples.