NMTC Advocacy Week

May 10 -14, 2021

Make the NMTC Permanent and Expand Its Impact

The NMTC Coalition is holding a Virtual NMTC Advocacy Week May 10-14 to push for NMTC permanency and additional policies to support economic revitalization.

We are urging all supporters of the NMTC to use this week to do the following:

  1. Contact your members of Congress and ask them to support the priorities we have outlined to the right. We have talking points, contact information for tax staffers, and other background materials available below.
  2. Ask for calls or virtual (Zoom) meetings with your member of Congress or their staff to brief them on new projects and make the case for the NMTC. 
  3. Promote the NMTC on social media using the hashtag #NMTCinAJP and #MakeTheNMTCPermanent. Post your best stories and don’t forget to tag members of Congress. We also encourage you to share our press release on NMTC Advocacy Week. We have example tweets below.
  4. Contact Coalition staff (Paul Anderson, [email protected]) to let us know who you contacted and so we can follow up. 

The Ask


Contact Information

Email addresses for tax staffers for all members of Congress

Talking Points for the Ask

Details on our legislative asks, including talking points. Adapt as you see fit.

NMTC Extension Act Fact Sheet

Fact sheet for H.R. 1321 and S. 456

Fact Sheets and Stories by State

New Markets Tax Credit facts, figures, and stories from all 50 states

Stories by Congressional District

NMTC stories for every member of Congress

Research & Publications

Use our research and publications to make the case for the NMTC.

Sample Social Media Content



Congress should #Makethe#NMTCPermanent and support additional allocation through the American Jobs Plan to support underserved communities. We financed a childcare facility that expanded access to 125 children in City, State [link to profile]. #NMTCInAJP @MemberofCongress @Senator1 @Senator2

Please support job creation and new facilities in underserved communities by cosponsoring the New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act of 2021 and Extend and Expand the #NMTC. #HR1321 #S456.



Many NMTC projects are visually striking and lend themselves to Instagram, the leading site for sharing photos. You will want to crop your images so that they are square. If you need any inspiration, we recommend that you sign up for a free account at Canva.com (or a similar site) to generate Instagram-ready images.