Project Type: Culinary Entrepreneurship


Baltimore, MD 

Paul’s Place Inc. is expanding its workforce development platform to create a social enterprise restaurant and culinary arts training program in Baltimore. The project…

Minneapolis, MN 

The Midtown Global Market project in Minneapolis involved the creation of an 86,084-sq. ft. public marketplace for a mixture of start-up, second stage, and…

Louisville, KY 

Kitchen incubator and construction of single family for-sale housing….

Los Angeles, CA 

Acquire and rehabiliated existing warehouse buildings into a specialized facility leasing food production space to small and businesses and other seeking production space. The…

Los Angeles, CA 

NMTC financing for a project will serve as an incubator for 50 small- to medium-sized food producers that have outgrown their startup spaces….

Hartford, CT 

An oasis in the city’s food desert could help northern Hartford neighborhoods….
New Culinary Arts School Provides Educational Opportunities and Revitalization in Downtown Flint, Michigan…