Kansas City, MO (2014)

AB May


  • NMTC Amount: $4,900,000
  • Total Project Cost: $5,499,655


  • 180 FTE jobs
  • 20 construction jobs
  • 84,000 sq. ft. of real estate



Project Description

A family-owned service company with a long history in Kansas City is now able to grow its business and expand its reach in the city. The new headquarters is not only in an ideal location, it has an incredible list of amenities. The 84,000 sq. ft. building includes a community space, a kitchen, aclassroom for training and a lab for more hands-on training. There are three open work areas: one is administrative; one is sales; and the third is for taking service calls. There are offices for people who didn’t have offices previously, more meeting space, a fitness center and a micro market with healthy lunch options. Another great improvement is the parking.

“In our old space we had to park down the block, and had to walk long ways. People visiting us had a hard time finding a place to park,” Posladek recalls. In addition, the warehouse went from 7,000 sq. ft. at the old location to about 50,000 sq. ft.. The new space even allows for service truck fleet maintenance in the same building.

Posladek said, “Before the relocation, we had 5 spaces that we were trying to manage so once we moved, communication improved immediately.”

Posladek hopes to have a huge impact on the community-providing new jobs and foot traffic to local businesses.

“It seemed to be a clear path leading us to this part of the city. There must be purpose beyond just the economic one. We have only been here 3 months but we have some really great relationships with our neighbors,” Posladek says.

He has already forged new partnerships with the local church and school, as well as drummed up business for the local convenience store, car wash and eating establishments. Posladek says, “The neighbors have been great. Hopes are high that we will make a difference.”


7100 East 50th Street, Kansas City, MO 64129

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