Alliance Broadway Schools (2011)

Los Angeles, CA


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NMTC Amount: $21,032,818

Est. Total Project Cost: $22,161,308


The project provides permanent facilities for two Alliance schools: the existing College-Ready Middle School #5, which had outgrown the Boys and Girls Club on Pasadena Avenue, and the College-Ready High School #14 (HS#14). THS#14 is the first to be rolled out of a planned 10 ‘blended learning’ schools, otherwise known as the Blended Learning for Alliance School Transformation (BLAST) school model. The BLAST model supports a class size of up to 48:1 with a single teacher, leveraging a three-point instruction rotation of three groups of 16 students in each section. Students are issued a laptop daily and participate in in-classroom rotation and are able to utilize distance learning, digital content, online courses, and interactive tools.

Voices from the Community

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Project Map