Donalsonville, GA (2021)

American Peanut Growers Group, LLC



  • NMTC Amount: $81,500,000
  • Total Project Cost: $94,400,000


  • 258 FTE jobs
  • 163 construction jobs

Project Description

Formed in 2003, American Peanut Growers Group LLC is a farmer-owned cooperative shelling plant that returns the profit over the farmer stock price directly back to the growers through distributions, greatly increasing the return on their peanut crop. The project involves the construction of a new peanut shelling plant and an ingredient plant as well as the installation of new shelling equipment in a severely distressed rural census tract in Donalsonville, GA. The new 110,000 sq. ft plant and equipment will allow APGG to shell an additional 50,000 tons of peanuts at full capacity and produce and sell ingredient paste that peanut butter manufacturers use to produce peanut butter.


Address: 5212 Highway 39 North, Donalsonville, GA 39845

Census Tract: 13253200300

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