Ord, NE (2015)

Nebraska Distillers Products


  • NMTC Amount: $13,880,000
  • Total Project Cost: $18,340,410


  • 68 FTE jobs


Project Description

The Nebraska Distillers Products (NDP) company is value added agricultural / clean technology corporation located in Ord, Nebraska. The NMTC financing will be used for real estate, building, storage bins, handling conveyors and equipment costs. NDP has a licensed and patented technology to transform wet, modified, or dried distillers grains (agricultural waste products) into compressed cubes, pellets, and tubs used for feeding livestock. The product has been produced for two years and is ready for full scale expansion into the ranchers market. The project is located in a non-metro, highly distressed census tract. This agricultural company expects to create the following jobs with its clean technology:

Direct Jobs: 61 total jobs; 50 construction jobs; 11 full-time jobs. These jobs will include facility manager, assistant manager/maintenance manager, bookkeeper/billing clerk, and at least eight full time production positions.

▪ Jobs to Low-income Individuals: low-income residents will have all opportunities for the positions. Job training will be necessary due to the type and nature of the equipment. The production process is automated, and technology driven. The Project anticipates working with the area schools, and community colleges to find qualified workers. In addition to the jobs mentioned above, the Project expects indirect job creation during the development construction phase, and also once the plant is operational.

▪ Valley Transportation, LLC has 9 tractor-trailer units for hauling/delivering distillers grain and livestock feed.

▪ It is anticipated that at least 2 more tractor-trailer units will be added to Valley Transportation, LLC, which will result in 4 additional driving jobs, or more.

▪ V-3 Nutrition, LLC is a provider/brokerage for raw distillers grains to customers throughout the state of Nebraska including Nebraska Distiller Products. V-3 anticipates it will be adding additional sales personnel.


Address: 48188 811th Avenue, Ord, NE 68862

Census Tract: 31175971300

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