The Concord Theatre (2018)

Concord, NH


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NMTC Amount: $5,400,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $6,000,000



Historic Rehabilitation

Theaters and Performing Arts Spaces


The Concord Theatre project received $5.4 million in support to aid renovation of the South Main Street facility. The facility, to be run by the Capitol Center for the Arts, offers smaller events and shows, special productions, and other events that are too small for its main performance space in the nearby Chubb Theatre. The theater facility is considered a distressed property, and it qualified for the New Markets Tax Credit program because it the rehabilitation creates at least five full-time jobs and will mean the reopening if an historic theatre and an integral asset of the city. – CEDEs Using NMTC (LMI Areas). CCA North Corp – Rehabilitation of the closed Concord Theatre that allows it to once again be operational following decades of vacancy. Estimate of 36,900 individuals to be served of which 741 LIP. 1,810 free tickets was given annually to LIP via project sponsor’s extended outreach program.

Project Map