Youth Orchestra of LA (YOLA) (2019)

Inglewood, CA

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The NMTC allocation was used by the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (“YOLA”) program to rehabilitate and transform an existing 18,000 sq. ft. commercial building into a music education facility and community center for low-income youth from Inglewood and the City of Los Angeles. The Project is located in the civic core of Downtown Inglewood in proximity to schools and along major public transit routes, which makes it accessible to youth living in other nearby areas of LA County. + The OD project is the acquisition and renovation of an existing 18,000-sf building into a new 25,000-sf music education venue for low-income youth from Inglewood and the City of Los Angeles. The project will serve 500 youth, ages 6-18, annually. It will become he HUB for YOLA’s programming for underprivileged youth across the region where students get free classical music instruction, free musical instruments and after school homework help.

Voices from the Community

The NMTC is what makes economic development viable in the distressed communities where we work. NMTC provides the equity that traditional investors cannot provide because of real or perceived risk. NMTC is the difference between a project being viable or not.

Thomas De Simone, President & CEO, Genesis LA CDE, Los Angeles, CA

Project Map