Map of Selected Projects in Missouri

Community Testimonials

Utilizing the incentives of the NMTC program has helped our organization develop long-term care facilities in more rural and low-income areas, that otherwise may not have been financially feasible.

-Heather Westenhaver, Americare Senior Living, Columbia, Missouri

NMTCs means increasing access and opportunity for homeownership to low income families and communities and to people of color and communities of color. This enables us to begin to address the inequities and racial injustice in housing policy that has existed in our country for centuries. It enables us to provide people and communities of color with the opportunity for a better quality of life with better health and educational outcomes – with the possibility for a country where your zip code and the color of your skin do not determine how healthy you will be, your economic stability or your children’s futures.

-Donna Smith, Smith NMTC Associates, LLC, Saint Louis, Missouri

Selected Projects in Missouri


McComb, MS | 3rd District

Modern Mil is a manufacturer of a sustainable, wood alternative product. This project provided the Company with working capital….

Kansas City, MO | 5th District

Synergy Services is a fully accredited not-for-profit human service organization that provides assistance and shelter to victims of violence…

Kansas City, MO | 5th District

Construction of a new 21,000 square foot office as well as a new service facility, opening up opportunities for…

Kansas City, MO | 5th District

A new community building is home to four other organizations with hope for more: Front Porch Alliance, youth support…

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