Project Type: Community Center


Zachary, LA 

The Americana YMCA project was the construction of a 26,000 square foot community facility, with expansion capability of another 18,000 square feet, by the…

West Liberty, KY 

In 2012, West Liberty, Kentucky was literally destroyed by a series of E-3 tornadoes….
NMTC supports growth of Springfield leader in affordable housing, homelessness prevention, job training & financial education….

Spartanburg, SC 

Public private partnership brings community recreation center facility to Spartanburg…
The San Pablo Helms Community Center is located on the campus of the Walter T. Helms Middle School in San Pablo, California. Prior to…

San Juan, PR 

Financing to support program expansion and renewable energy improvements to visitor and nonprofit-run community centers that provide areas with reliable and sustainable forms of…

San Francisco, CA 

Renovation of an existing LGBT community center to reconfigure the inefficient floor plan and allow for more meeting spaces, better use of the space,…

Salt Lake City, UT 

In 2003, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson proposed the creation of the Unity Center to provide services, programming, and recreation facilities to the…

Saint Louis, MO 

City First New Markets Fund II closed its first NMTC transaction of 2016 on February 4th….

Rocky Mount, NC 

In January 2012, the elected officials and senior administrative staff of the City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina set forth a bold vision to…

Riviera Beach, FL 

A project to transform the Riviera Beach waterfront into a vibrant and authentic destination spot for residents and visitors alike, spurring a revitalization out…

Philadelphia, PA 

Financing to help Project H.O.M.E. relocate its clinic….
Renovation of a former high school facility into a 24,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art community center/K-12 school…
A new, $48 million, 50,000-square-foot youth recreation and academic support center in Central Harlem, Manhattan, one of the most underserved urban neighborhoods in the…
Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast (GESGC) is a non-profit agency serving 12 counties in the Alabama-Florida Gulf Coast area. The agency provides…
Elderly with a clinic, an adult daycare, a fitness center and office space for social service provider…

Minneapolis, MN 

Located in one of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Banyan Community works to transform lives by  developing youth, strengthening families, and creating…

Memphis, TN 

A new mixed-use building at the southeastern boundary of the Legends Park HOPE VI Revitalization Plan area in Memphis, TN….
UTEC creates several new businesses to create new jobs and contribute to community revitalization in Lowell, Massachusetts….