Ukiah, OR (2014)

Desolation Creek Natural Water Storage Project


  • NMTC Amount: $7,275,000
  • Total Project Cost: $7,500,225


  • 5 FTE jobs


Project Description

The project is projected to increase groundwater storage retention and capacity across approximately 818 acre-feet of adjacent wet lands on the Desolation Creek, LLC property in Grant County. The project employs local youth crews to install 275 small woody debris dams on four streams, install four beaver dam analogs (BDA’s) on one stream and plant and cage 200 aspen for a future beaver food source, and plant and cage 25 cottonwoods at a separate riparian location. These activities have increased contributions to the hydrologic system in Desolation Creek, a tributary of the North Fork John Day River. An economic strength of the proposed project is that it intends to result in fish industry improvements and other tourism benefits related to public access to the creek. Other economic benefits are that the proposed project would use an innovative approach to improve groundwater that could in turn benefit agriculture and cattle grazing in the area. While the project would create one full-time position and youth labor crews, the application could have been improved by providing more detail about the anticipated employment of the youth crews that would be performing work.


41023960100, Ukiah, OR 97880

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