Match Charter Public School (2005)

Boston, MA


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NMTC Amount: $10,516,512

Est. Total Project Cost: $10,516,512


Mike Larsson of MATCH Charter School takes education seriously. “Our mission at MATCH is to prepare students not only to get into college, but to complete the degree—to succeed in college and beyond.” This commitment was something that BlueHub Capital, then known as Boston Community Capital, was eager to support, so we provided a New Markets Tax Credit leverage loan to support the expansion of MATCH programs.“That saved the school a considerable amount of money in debt service, which in turn allowed us to commit significantly more of our operating budget to developing a comprehensive tutoring program, where every one of our students received two hours of tutoring every day, and to making sure we found the best teachers and leaders from around the country to work with us,” says Larsson. BlueHub Capital, he says, “is wonderful to work with. They completely understand our role; they are a true partner.”

Project Map