Saint Paul, MN (2017)

Northern Star Council


NMTC Amount: 9,660,000

Total Project Cost: 16,265,433


5 FTE jobs

75 construction jobs

Project Description

Base Camp Saint Paul. Base Camp is located at historic Fort Snelling with two buildings. One is in the TeamBuilding Center in a former cavalry drill hall and the other is the brand new Leadership Center. TeamBuilding Centeris brought to life with opportunities including rock climbing, ropes courses, archery, and team games while Leadership Center has state-of-the-art technology. Owned and operated by Northern Star Council, BSA, our mission is to serve all youth through field trips, lock-ins, retreats, summer camps, private parties, and community group activities.. Recreation center in the Hennepin County, Minnesota. Construction a new leadership center.


201 Bloomington Road, Saint Paul, MN 55111

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