XS Tennis (2015)

Chicago, IL

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NMTC Amount: $8,540,000

Total Project Cost: $16,423,034


NCIF provided $7 million in New Markets Tax Credit allocation to support the new construction of an expanded and upgraded XS Tennis Village, ensuring XS Tennis and Education Foundation (XSTEF) continues to provide both athletic and academic programs to area children and adults in its greater Washington Park neighborhood. XSTEF was founded to provide community members with values of team work, sportsmanship and self development through the sport but also youth mentoring, academic preparation and financial support. XS Tennis Village features a indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a fitness center, running track, classrooms and more. Project Impacts: 50 jobs created and retained, 289 income-based scholarships, Brings free tennis programs to four schools in the greater area of the new facility.

Project Map