Nebraska Distillers Products

The Nebraska Distillers Products (NDP) company is value added agricultural / clean technology corporation located in Ord, Nebraska. The NMTC financing will be used for real estate, building, storage bins, handling conveyors and equipment costs. NDP has a licensed and patented technology to transform wet, modified, or dried distillers grains (agricultural waste products) into compressed […]

Winnebago Educare

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska provides critical education to at-risk infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families through the new Educare Winnebago, a comprehensive early childhood education program that helps children from low-income families close the educational achievement gap.

Live Work

New construction of a mixed-use facility and rehabilitation of a retail facility into commercial office space providing affordable housing and job opportunities.

Platte Valley Distillers

Thanks to the flexible and affordable private capital provided through the NMTC through CEI Capital Management LLC, PVD is able to begin operations in Lexington, Nebraska, adding 12-14 full-time equivalent jobs with strong benefits.