Short on Time?


Do you have 5 minutes?

Write a message on your elected officials’ Facebook or Twitter pages using key messages on the NMTC—and encourage others to share. Include state-specific information when you craft your short message.  You can also share links to the NMTC at Work Video and the 2017 NMTC Progress Report.

Example tweets:

  • @RoyBlunt #NMTC created 750k jobs in low-income communities. Read the 2017 Progress Report to find out more:
  • @SenSchumer the #NMTC has helped provide needed financing for 199 NY businesses:  #econdev
  • Example Facebook posts (Be sure to tag the member’s official Facebook account):
  • Send a video with a note. Thanks Rep. Pat Tiberi for your support of the NMTC. The Muskingham Rec Center, which is featured in this video, is a great example of how the NMTC is helping the district.
  • Share a photo from a recent project: Sen. Isaakson the NMTC is making a huge difference in Georgia. For example, the opening of Premium Peanut this spring was made possible through NMTC financing. The shelling facility is located in an an area of Douglas, Georgia with a poverty rate of almost 30 percent and an unemployment rate above 9 percent. The plant will create approximately 100 direct jobs, plus an additional 30 indirect jobs at the storage facilities. The majority of direct jobs will be unskilled positions available to low-income individuals and all will pay a living wage for single adult in the county and include benefits. (Attach this short summary to a compelling  photo).

Do you have 15 minutes?

Send a letter or email to your Senators and Representatives urging them to secure the NMTC. Use our Coalition sign-on letters as an example.

Share the link to the NMTC at Work Video with your local media person who covers economic policy, community development or national policy. Send them a state fact sheet, a photo of a recent local project, and be sure to note if your Congress Members are supportive and cosponsors of the NMTC bills.

Do you have 30 minutes?

Write a Letter to the Editor

Do you have an hour?

Attend a town hall meeting.

  • If you don’t have the time or resources to arrange a town hall meeting, you can still use someone else’s as an opportunity to engage your Senators and Representatives. Visit your legislators’ websites to find out the time and date of any upcoming town hall meetings.

Don’t be afraid to stand up and ask questions. Make your questions precise and direct! Contact us if you want help crafting questions.

Write an Op-Ed

  • Submitting an opinion piece to your local or state press is a great way to bring attention to the impact of the NMTC in your community. Highlight the projects and the effect the Credit has had on economic growth as well as creating and retaining jobs where they are needed the most.  Find out how to write and submit it.

Create a short video

  • Seeing is believing. Create a video about a great NMTC-financed project by interviewing a local leader, business owner, and an individual from the community. Then send it to your Representative and Senators—don’t forget to share it with us too and we’ll help you spread the word.