Map of Selected Projects in Illinois

Community Testimonials

“We are appreciative of IFF’s support in helping Chicago Commons during Illinois’ unprecedented budget crisis. While our organization has been financially sound and healthy for many years, the past year has called for us to think creatively to weather the financial storm. Partnering with IFF allowed us to keep our doors open without balancing the budget on the backs of our participants, who depend on us every day for early education, family services, and senior care programming.”

-Edgar Ramirez, CEO Chicago Commons, on receiving NMTC financing

It is a critical tool to reduce the amoral wealth and income gap between black and white people that persists in America. NMTC investments create higher paying jobs and business ownership wealth in predominantly African American communities across the country.

-Calvin Holmes, African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs, Chicago, Illinois

Selected Projects in Illinois


Chicago, IL | 7th District

Funding for the acquisition and renovation of a 3-story building located at 2934 West Lake Street in East Garfield…

Oak Park, IL | 7th District

Once complete in 2023, the former Key School annex building will become the new, larger home of The Field…

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